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Jumat, 13 April 2012

CS Portable v1.78

nii gw mo share game counter strike for android check this out kawan

Version: 1.78
Counter-Strike; "CS, is a kind of cooperation with the unit price of mainly shooting and network game, 1998, by the Valve Software company production, launched. Before the global!
Today we'll see this kind of new transplantation CS Portable game (counter-terrorism) it. In the two platforms, in fact there are many transplant version of CS game. But, this one is the most outstanding and resistance to play. And CS, can be very convenient online against, server many, many online players.
Small make up is also couldn't help but go in to play several, experience in the game basically retained the flavor of CS screen style, a virtual button control.
【 improvement 】
It is through the new, this game really do very well, online vs mode is very mature, a few map very authentic game simple operation is fluent, very satisfied. You hurriedly began to play, and return to CS.
V1.78 updated content:
-compatibility optimization
-small bug fixes

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